Maryam Turaki is a Documentary...

Maryam Turaki is a Documentary photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria; her work is inspired by a passion to explore life and humanity.  She started Photography in 2017, as a creative way to heal. That happened to be one of the best decisions she made because she did not find photography, it found her. It helped her heal, find peace and confidence she never knew she had. It saved her life.

With the knowledge gained, she tries to tell stories. She is intrigued by people: their pasts, their present, what brought them here, what keeps them going. In the brief moment that an image captures a look, a setting, a pose, it gives a glimpse into the uniqueness of each person, revealing a never before seen page from a never before heard story.

Photography is a tool for healing. In looking at others, we see ourselves. In telling their stories, she tells hers.

Maryam Turaki

Female Photographer in Nigeria - Documentary Photographer
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